Junior prize for students of architecture

Hawa Student Award 2023

Microcosm instead of office desert

New living models need new space concepts. In cities, tenants increasingly want an environment that offers more than just living space. They want to live in sustainable buildings that enable a resource-conserving lifestyle and form a microcosm that provides everything they need for everyday life - for example, stores, practices, coworking spaces, common rooms, visitor rooms or a reception desk with services.

As part of the "Hawa Student Award 2023," students are to plan such a project fictitiously in a former office building in Zurich. In doing so, they can act freely, because the basis is not a fixed room schedule, but a selection of residential stories. These result in different forms of living and infrastructure requirements, for which new solutions and creative concepts are needed.


A distinguished jury will assess the applications and present the awards. Hawa Sliding Solutions is providing a total prize fund of 15,000 Swiss Francs.

Competition documents

All information about the competition and the plan data are available here. The language for the competition is German. Fictitious housing and life stories serve as a starting point from which the spatial needs of residents and users can be derived.

Competition program

All of the information about the objective of the competition, the deadlines and the general terms and conditions can be found here.


Residential Stories

Here is a selection of residential stories of fictitious residents of the building to be planned. They live in different types of housing and have different needs.

  • Seraina (40), divorced, lives together with her children Tim (13) and Tanja (16) in the building in a 3.5-room apartment with an additional room.
  • Hans (67), lives with his wife Rahel (65) in a cluster apartment with other retired couples.
  • Philipp (48), lives in a single apartment. He enjoys the good infrastructure in the house, which offers, among other things, a grocery store, a bistro, a small gym.
  • Vera Lukesch (23), a geography student, lives in a ten-person student shared apartment during her internship in the building.
  • Luzia (54), lives with her husband Tom (54) in a 2.5-room apartment. She works as a journalist and often uses one of the coworking spaces in the building.

Planning data

The plan data provided may only be used in the context of the competition.


Contributor sheet

Please list all contributors to the competition entry on the contributor sheet.



Picture material for the location of the competition task can be found here.



You can now apply for the Hawa Student Award 2023.

Individual work and teamwork are permitted. One project per team may be submitted.

We look forward to receiving your competition entry and wish you every success in implementing your design ideas.


  • Request for applications: March 04, 2022
  • Registration deadline: August 31, 2022
  • Submission deadline: October 28, 2022
  • Judging: November 2022
  • Award ceremony in Zurich: March 2023

Hawa Student Award since 2010

Hawa Sliding Solutions has been inviting architecture students from Switzerland, Germany and Austria to a design competition every two to three years since 2010. Forward-looking solution proposals for a contemporary topic are wanted.



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